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Behr(ly) Re-Branded

This re-brand was proposed during my Behr years. Yes, I was a plucky young in-house designer who had a dream. A vision. An idea of a leaner, less hibernatory bear, on the move and always questing forward. Powerful, but not threatening. A bear that could stand alone, and stand out, from all the other California bears in this state.

A new tagline followed. Be Colorful. Start with why, says Simon Sinek, to get to the what. Behr helps you Be Colorful. We also make great paint.

And great wood coatings.

Hero Qd NEWHero Qd OLD
Badge Qd NEWBadge Qd OLD

The new mark was specifically designed to fit into the existing logo shield area with minimal change to the inner areas only, so that the entire labels wouldn’t have to be redesigned, we’d just need new dies for the foil stamping or embossing.

It’s not a huge change, but it’s a good change.